Montag, 1. Juli 2019
Meteorological report for March (Maribor)
High temperatures continued in Maribor in March. There was also a noticeable fluctuation of temperatures, which was going on throughout the month. The difference between the highest (22nd March) and the lowest (12th March) measured temperature in the month was 24.4 °C, which is much less than the measured difference in March 2018 when it was as high as 36.1 °C.
The average monthly temperature was significantly higher than the average of the period from 1981 to 2010, it was 8,59 °C, and it was 2,59 °C higher than the long-term average. The long-term average for March is 6 °C in Maribor. By comparison, in March 2018, the average temperature was 5.24 ° C lower. In the first three months of this year, the temperatures are quite different from the previous year.
The minimum temperature was only two days below the freezing point. The lowest temperature in March was -2.4 °C and the highest temperature was 22 °C.

Precipitation data show that March was again below the average rainfall, as less precipitation fell than the long-standing average.
The measuring device detected 45.8 mm of precipitation, which is slightly less than the long-term average (57 mm precipitation).

The average relative humidity in March was 63.4 %, which is not surprising given the smaller amount of precipitation.

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