Freitag, 15. März 2019
Weather report for 2018
Here is the final weather report for 2018 (the estate of the Biotechnical School Maribor). You can see important monthly data and a total average for 2018. The report shows that the average temperature in 2018 was 11.34 °C or higher by 0.79 °C compared to the 30-year average. However, the year 2018 was not the warmest, it still belongs to 2000 and 2014, when the average temperature was 12 °C.
The highest temperature was 33.9 °C, which is far from the record temperature measured on the property, which was 40.6 °C (August 8th 2013). But the record mark (- 23 °C) approached the lowest temperature in 2018, which was - 20.2 °C.
In 2018 there were 27 days warmer than 30 °C, fortunately only five days were such that even the lowest daily temperature did not fall below 20 °C (tropical night).
In the year 2018, precipitation was only 784.6 mm, which is much less than the 30-year average (893 mm). The highest precipitation was recorded in 1962 (1304 mm) and the lowest in 2011 (604 mm).
In 2018 we only had one very rainy day when 78.6 mm of precipitation fell (4. 5. 2018). Especially in the first half of the year, we felt that the rain was falling steadily (93 days of precipitation), but it should be emphasized that 31 days were of such occurrence as less than 1 mm precipitation fell. So we can say that it is often only a rosé, which does not greatly benefit the plants or can even harm them if the temperature is high enough (the possibility of mold and rust).
You can find more detailed information in the attachment.

weather_report_maribor2018 (pdf, 150 KB)

Comparison of average monthly temperatures in 2018 with the long-term average of the period 1981-2010.

Comparison of precipitation in 2018 with a long-term average of the period 1981-2010.

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