Freitag, 15. März 2019
Preparation of Cloudy Apple Juice
The apples were sorted and washed in water,

then we put them in a box and washed again.

Then we crushed them in a mill

and mash transferred into the press.

We squeezed the mash to 150 bars. The apples were overripe, so we squeezed out less juice than we expected.

From 80 kg of apples we extracted 22 liters of apple juice. The juice was poured into a bowl through the strainer in which he waited until the next day.

Overnight, the larger pieces of apples saturated. We did not add any additive to juice.
The next day, we pasteurized juice.

We prepared 14 liters of cloudy apple juice. The juice was pasteurized at 86 °C. When bottled it had a temperature of 78.8 °C, which dropped below 70 °C after 11 minutes. The bottles were closed with a stopper, and then laid for 1 minute to make the stopper disinfect. The bottles were cooled below 30 °C in cold water and dropped in wooden box.

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