Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2018
Time spent with friends from Hamburg!
Let's start where it all began. It started on Sunday morning at the airport in Graz, where we were waiting for the group to arrive to Slovenia. They arrived at 11 am in the morning. We were waiting for them to welcome them into our home country Slovenia. They were very excited to see us after the long journey. Their first day was already busy becouse after checking in the hotel we went on a tour of the city Maribor plus dinner, where we were catching up on the news.
The next day we had a meeting in the morning at 8.30 am. Everybody was very tired. We had a meeting to learn about the plan of the whole week and to arrange people into diffrent groups: honey group, stone wall building group, jam making group. Next, we went to Račji dvor to our bee yard to start with the most important task, collecting honey from the bee hives, as our product main ingredient is the honey and it would be sold, with other product we made, at the big market on Friday. At 16:00 o'clock we went to Pohorje together to see the beautiful view of the city Maribor plus I made new friends, who later became my best friends.
Every day we were working hard and had fun and got closer and closer with the students from Rissen. All the activities that accompanied our production were connected to importance of the bees in our lives and importance to work together as one : we went to Escape room, bowling, to Bee museum in Radovljica.
The week went by pretty quickly and sooner or later Friday was here. You know the time to sell our products which we had been making all week. To be honest the big market was a big success. Many people came and admired our work and bought the products. And we were proud of what we managed to achieve with cooperative work.
After the market the week was almost over but there were still 2 more days left. So lets continue our story. On Saturday was the picnic day. A reward for our work. The food was delicious. Who prepared it ??? It was our teacher D. Jakopin. He has the skills of a master chef. The days spent the whole day with the Germans were very beautiful and to be honest I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The friendships which were gathered through the whole week will forever stay in my heart. After the day was over all of us were sad but not because we didn't have fun but because we knew that this was our last day together so a lot of us cried.
And so the last day came. The Germans were leaving Slovenia at 8.30 with a bus to the airport. We came with them to say one last goodbye. The whole time while we were driving we had fun as much as we could but when we finally arrived at the airport almost everybody told me: Hey Miha, if your ever come to Germany just come and visit us we would be glad to see you again and of course I said the same thing to them. Afterwards we said our goodbyes one last time.
Goodbye Alina, Christiane, Nivan, Tjorven, Anton, Pascal, Markus, Sven, Jannick, Meli,… I miss you guys and I hope we are gonna meet again in the near future.
Mihael Unger

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Dienstag, 3. Juli 2018
Last order before summerholiday in Hamburg 3.July 2018
One day to summerholidays and our kids from class 9a work for Oilpumkin and vine from Maribor.

The pumkinfield before started work.

During the clean up the pumkinfield.

The cleaned up pumkin field. Without the wildherbs the pumkins got more room for expent. More light, more minarals and more water (if it rain). In this way it have time to grow over the summer holidays.

Our vineyard before cleaning.

A part of our grapes. After one and half years of growing. The climate change make it possible.

The cleaned up Vineyard at the Orchard.

Our potato field at July after two weeks of growing. The wild herbs get room.

The same like the pumkins. The potatos get more space for growing.

Beside the pumkins we plant "Topinambur" but the leafs don`t look like that. But the asian potato grow and it will bee interesting what will happen to it over the summertime.

The plants on our stone wall love it`s place and grow including the wild herbs.

Also our wild herbs part of the Orchard growing actually fast.
After three years to bring inside seeds for special herbs to get higher in biodiverstity of wild flowers it started to work. It`s nice to to see how fast growing up the biodiversity of insects also.

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Montag, 2. Juli 2018
Meteorological report for June (Maribor)
You could say nothing new. Unpredictable weather continued in June. The weather changed day by day. Compared to previous years, this June was completely untypical. Temperatures fluctuated throughout the month, and rainfall was more frequent, but it was not abundant.
The difference between the highest (21st June) and the lowest (23th June) measured temperature in the month was as high as 23.2 °C.
The average monthly temperature was also significantly higher than the average of the period from 1981 to 2010 – it was 19.87 °C, and it was 0.87 °C higher than the long-term average. The long-term average for June is 19.0 °C in Maribor. The average temperature varied throughout the month. The difference between the average temperature of the coldest (June 22) and the warmest (June 11) day was 9.85 °C. There were also great differences between night and day temperatures, up to 16 °C, which is similar to that in May.
In June, the daily average temperature was ten times below the average of the period from 1981 to 2010 (19.0 °C). The maximum temperature was twenty-seven times above 20 °C, thereof twenty days above 25 °C, and for two days even above 30 °C. The lowest temperature in June was 8.8 °C, and the highest temperature was 32.0 °C. In the first six months, the average temperature was 0.72 °C higher than the long-term average.

Precipitation data show that there was much less precipitation in June than in May. In June, half of the precipitation dropped, as the long-term average. The measuring device detected 50.6 mm of precipitation, which is much less as long as the long-term average (107 mm of precipitation). In the first six months, 85.4 mm more precipitation fell than the long-term average.

The average relative humidity in June was 70.86 %, which is similar to the month of May. Given the frequent precipitation, this was expected.

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High temperature in Hamburg in June 2018
If we look at the hail we see that the June this year was very dry.
A little different show us the high temperatures in June. The last two years are really warm. Last year had only a small amount of different (~0,4 degree) to this year. This is important because the very wet year had lower temperatures in case of the wetness. but still around 21 degrees mean.

Also the highest and lowest temperature are nearly the same (around 30 and around 14 degree). But the June in 2018 is a little higher.

In the last 3 decades are not much different between the highest temperatures.

The lowest temperature had more differents and growed between 1987 and 2018 nearby 3 degree. On average the temperature grow up nerby 5 degree in month.

Despite all the fluctuations and differences of the individual years or decades, the trend is continuing that Hamburg is becoming warmer and drier.
The fluctuations within a month or several years are becoming more and more variable and the individual phenomena such as rain and heat more unpredictable.

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June weather Hamburg hail in 2018
After a lot of month we can see in the last former month the clima change going on.
We saw it in Maribor and also in Hamburg.
At first we take a look to our hail, like rain.
Our former month Juni was the driest in the last thirthy years!
We had only 12 days with rain and only round about 46,7 mm per squaremeters and month.

The comparison to the same month last year, we know all, it was in Hamburg a really wet year we had by 20 days 142 mm hail per month.
Between this kind of extreme datas are the "normal" datas around 90 mm over the last decades per month. Also the count of hail days lying around 20 days. 2018 layed below and 2017 far greatly enhanced.

The Maxium hail by day lied in the last decades around 20mm per squaremeter.
Last year we had enhanced rainfall by 39mm and this year only 14 mm per month.

The lowest figure of rainfall remaind exceot last year around 0,1 /0,2mm per squaremeters.

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Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018
Meteorological report for May (Maribor)
The weather in May was more like the weather, which is typical for the month of April. At least according to the large amount of precipitation. But the temperatures were even more typical for May. The difference between the highest (28th May) and the lowest (16th May) measured temperature in the month was as high as 20.5 °C.
The average monthly temperature was also significantly higher than the average of the period from 1981 to 2010 – it was 17.67 °C, and it was 1.87 °C higher than the long-term average. The long-term average for May is 15.8 °C in Maribor. The average temperature was quite constant throughout the month. However, there were great differences between night and day temperatures, even up to 15 °C, which is more typical for August.
In May, the daily average temperature was only six times below the average of the period from 1981 to 2010 (15.8 °C). The maximum temperature was twenty-nine times above 20 °C, thereof twelve days above 25 °C. The lowest temperature in May was 8.1 °C, and the highest temperature was 28.6 °C. In the first five months, the average temperature was 0.68 °C higher than the long-term average.

Precipitation during May was very rich with rain. In May, there were twice as much rainfall as the long-term average. The measuring device detected 160.4 mm of precipitation, which is much more as long as the long-term average (83 mm of precipitation). In the first five months, was 141.8 mm more precipitation than the long-term average.

The average relative humidity in April was 73.38 %, which is 11.16 % much more as in April. This was expected due to much more precipitation.

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Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018
Welcome back
After our journey to Maribor (Slovenia) we come back to Hamburg.
But our students not in school because of there internship.
As we arrived in Graz the students and professors of the biotechnic school of Maribor welcome us.
For that they used self drawed letters.
Actually they hang in our class to welcome our students after the internships.

The last; our last week before Maribor planted Galium odoratum grow also!

We wish you all a pleasend End of this school year and a wonderful und relaxing summer holidays!
Good luck for all!

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Control the Orchard in Hamburg 19.6.2018
We arrieved back from Maribor and take a look at our Orchard.
Grow our wine and grow our new plants of pumkins?
Here you can see the answer!

You can see that our pumkins grow and the wildherbs are so small that it`s not a concurent for the pumkins.

The most of the pumkins got more leafs for photosynthesis and started faster growing. We only lost two plants. We wait and hope.

And the wine looks also good. The hard work before our journey to Maribor be worthwhile. The wildherbs don`t got much space and the wine grow.

Out of blossoms got the beginning of grapes.
We wish us a good weather to let our plants grow.

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8. day Hamburger in Maribor 17.6.2018
This day is our day of farewell. At yesterday some of us let tears because they had to leave this lovely place, friendly and loving people.
After an early get up and breakfast we got all a lunchpackage.

Our colleagues from Maribor and a student brought us with the bus to the airport Graz.

We had one and half hour to wait before the airplane leave Graz to Amsterdam.

Actually our class is back in Hamburg we all arrived secure but some of us are really sad that we left Maribor!
But we also happy to got this possiblity to do this kind of journey met friends or got new friends, saw a wonderful country and culture with loving people!
In this case we thanks a biggest thanks to our colleagues and friends in Maribor for all the wonderfull and hard work and warm commencement!
We also have to thank the Eu and the Erasmus Plus-Projekt to make possible to enjoy this kind of work trough out national borders!
Thanks all they make the last year possible!

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7. Day Hamburger in Maribor 16.6.2018
Our last full day at this nice and wonderful place. after breakfast we had a small meeting for planing the day. The students got a free morning to visit Maribor and buy some presents for there friends and families.

At midday we had barbecue.

But we don`t get eat only something, we had games and social games.

The students got free time and some of them gone up the hill.
They what to enjoy the last possiblity for a view over Maribor and school.
The teacher had a further meeting to plan the project future after Summer holidays.

That evening we gone as group with some students from Maribor to our valedictory dinner. We gone the footpath beside the river Drava up to the restaurant.

At this wonderful restaurant beside the Drava our students could eat slovenia food.

Also it was a meeting for a review of the last week, the work and working and social processes. It`s showed that in both therms the students made steps forward.
One teacher talled at this time, that he will leave the school in Hamburg.

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6. day of Hamburger in Maribor 15.6.2018
This day will be a very intersting day because at this day we will make a eco market in front of the Maribor school.
Than we will having a workshop how to make candles.
And at afternoon we will carry out the market.

One poster at the school door.

Our products drove with horse and carriage to the school building from old stable where the production was.

After preparing the market we had a snack in the canteen from School and following a workshop to preparation candles from waste cooking oil.

A guy from Oilright explained why and how to make candles from waste cooking oil.

The first step is to filtered the waste oil and put two spoon of "magic powder" in.

The temperature in the microwave let dissolve the "magic powder" in the oil.

All is hot Hamburg, Maribor and the oil out from microwave.

After colouring and aroming the oil with "magic powder fill in the small container for cooling out.

At last step the cooler fluid got after two minutes the wick.
If you intersted in this kind of pruducing candles you get the necessary things on this webside:

After that workshop the students sell there products at the stall.

Our products was sell very fast and the people was very interested in the Erasmus+ Projekt.

After finished the market around 5:30 pm our students get free to visit maribor city.

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Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018
5. day of Hamburger in Maribor 14.6.2018
Now we have the half of our jouney time to visit Maribor behind us.
At first we had a plenum at morning about what kind of work we have to do this day.

By night a cherry tree crashed by wind and oldnest.
Our students went there to saved the cherrys.

After collecting the cherrys they had to been opening up and wash.

Than they to be in the making of mixing an cooking.

After filtering and fill up,...

...the glasses with cherry jam got a button.

The glasses had stand with the button down to save the vaccum.

After cooling the glasses got price tags.
Yesterday we harvest the honey from krainer bees, today the students made also products from wax and with the honey. they mixed different types of contdiments into the honey. Mixed it gone creamy.

Another work was to finished the beehive pictures.

Some of our students cuted the price tags, not only for the jam also for the wax candles, honey and so on.

The candles was made from old wax. It was melted and filled in forms....

...or wax plate was rolled.

Students also made soaps and fill in pakets.

The honey glasses was puted into boxes to bring them to our stall by the school.

The other worked hard project and not for sale was the stone wall. Yesterday the stone don`t hold. Today we constructed the wall higher and it`s crashed down again.

We atted cement and sand for more stability and mixed up.

After all stress and two days hard work for the students it stands by the half.

Now the teachers know the technic and the problems so they will build the other part of wall after summer holidays.

After lunch our students drove with the train Jur`cek trough Maribor city.

The goal of the trip with the train was a special place on the other side of river Drava.

The bowling center was a pleasure for all.

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Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018
4. day of Hamburger in Maribor 13.6.2018
Today was a really working day.
After that we gone by feet to the school we had a plenum where we talk about the groups and which kind of work they will do.
Unfourtunally we didn`t have from all our work pictures.
Some students made marmelade.
Other one work with the harvested honey from monday.

They filled the honey in glases.

Made honey cremy and fill up with natural flavours.

Some students made candles from bee wax.

Other packing and label the wax candles for the eco market on friday.
Some students painted the front of beehives with different pictures:

Lake Bled

Hamburg Skyline

And we started with the project "A natural stone wall in Maribor"

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

step 4 filling in the soil.
The problem was that the stones are smooth, round and small. In this way it`s a real problem to got a stabile Structure and static. It`s possible we will use tomorrow cement for the critical parts to save stability.

After Lunch the students had time to visited the town.
The teacher discussed at this time about the project ways after summerholidays.
Right at time all students gone in three groups into escape rooms.

After dinner and our traditional afternoon plenum we have all free time.

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Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018
3. day of Hamburger in Maribor 12.6.2018
Dear Readers today we had a relaxing day although we had stand up at 6:30. We had the schuttle service from biotechnic school Maribor to go to the West of Slovenia.

After one hour on the road we made a stop for exchange the sitting places. People had found together, people with the first Letter A, for exemple sat together with anyone with A.
Without energie some of the students played that game.
After two hours we arrived in Radovljica. A small town nearby Bled.

There we visit the beekeeping museum and got a guided tour through it.
Its showing a lot of thinks about the history of beekeeping and the krainer Bee sort. You can see a Swarm life in a show hive.

We looked a film in german language about the live of honey bees.

A typical kind of bee hives in slovenia have painted storys as pictures on the wood from the hive.
That can be situations of history, fairtales, christians stories or moral stories.
The next picture we can named under: "The nature strike back."

After we visited the museum we drove to bled lake with clear and wonderfull azul water.

We learned some about the history of this place before we eated spezical Cake.

A dream of a cake at a paradiese place.

After rest and delight the most of us gone schwimming into the lake. Other one gone up to the castle.

At three o`clock it`s started a heavy rain so all we was wet also we didn`t swom in the lake.

On the way back to Maribor we made a dinner nearby Resce with the biggest pizza at the world.

Slovenia is a country of superlatives and records, so that is not a wonder that we got the biggest "Berliner" ever.

After the rain wear the mountains clouds and the sunset bring the right light for a romantic moment.

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2. Day of Hamburger in Maribor 11.6.2018
This day started relaxing. A simple breakfast at 7 o`clock and going by feet to the biotechnics school Maribor. Than they show us the school and we will see the beekeeping at this school. What is quite different. After all we go for lunch in Hostel. At afternoon we will go up to Pohorje (1028m). The day will finish with dinner and plenum around by 22 o`clock.

The way from hostel to the biotechnic school Maribor in front of there terrain.

At first we had a day plenum where we all get a t-shirt with the Maribor scchool logo for free. Thanks for that wonderful present from all of us to Maribor!

They showed us the building, the growing of vegetables with different spezies.

In the veterinary part of that school we get closer to stigmatized animals. We learn that all animals can be friendly and kind.

We gone around the terrian from the school, see the wine yard and that the blossoms from wine further developed than our wine in Hamburg.
If we look to the appletrees, there is no different in the bigness from apples.
In the background you see Maribor town.

The pumkin plants are actually really bigger than ours.

How do you find at that picture? beekeeping first!
Than was looked at bee queen and harvest honey.

The Glas add water for the bees to build honey and wax. In Maribor are used a old regional sort of bee, the krainer bee. It`s different from other bee because it`s have a grey colour and it`s a little more aggressive than our bees in red.

After harvested we endcover the top of the honeycomb. for making Honey.

We waiting a time for the lift tickets up to the top of the hill pohorje (1028m).

This trip set off fear for some body but all of us get as hero on the top of the hill.

We all arrived save and glad that we are here. We can proud of us.

We gone the piste from the top down. after the half of way some of us use a small lift, other a slit and some gone by feet and found wonderful green and silence and also clear falls of drinking water.

After a hard walking day our students want bee friendly eating by Mc Donalds in this chase we gone to the Euro schopping mall in Maribor. After that they have free time for this day.

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Sonntag, 10. Juni 2018
1. Day in Maribor of Hamburg students 10.6.2018
Oh, what a day! The most of us awaked round about two a clock in the morning. We drived on different ways to Hamburg Airport. Our meeting point was Terminal 1 beside the KLM desk at four a clock am. Unfortunaley the personal can`t really help us up the way trough the bording technic. After all we found us of the other side of the customs duty desk. The first test was passed.
The heros of the day where two students they never flight before and one who with fear to fly.
At 7:20 we arrived at shipol-Amsterdam.

At the airport we refill our accus and that from smartphones.

At 9:30 the next flight to Graz (Austria) lift off.

At ten fourty we pass the line to Austria at Graz Airport.
After cold hours in Amsterdam we found the sun and warm in Graz.

Our friends welcome us with self painted letters and laughing in there faces.
After a happy and cordial ambrased we ws brought with there mini bus to Drava youth hostel in Maribor.

We got a historic walk through out the old town Maribor down to the Drava up to the passage and higher to the centralpark of Maribor.

Down by the riverside is the house with the oldest wine of the world.

In school orchard we have two offshoots of them.

We go up to the market place with town hall.

We visited and relaxed in the central park and found some stalls with hand crafted items.

Back in town we had our dinner.

The weather was warm, a little clowdy sometimes but there was a rain machine which gave us a little coolness.

If the night is coming the atmosphere of the town goes smoochy.
And more deeper the night at the house goes more ghosts around.

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Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2018
Last working day before summerholidays 2018
This compliation of pictures showing you our work at our last working day before summer holidays at our orchard.
The last days of sun and a weekend with rain brought new energiy to our plants. The fruit trees to bear growing fruits.

This photo show our pumkin schoot last week.

The pumkin schoot to day. It had the first leaves.

We clean up the pumkin field from wild herbs and watering the pumkin schoots

We set up the crown at our natural stone wall. In this time we saw; a mouse (Microtus arvalis) run out of the stones, differnt kind of vespes (e.g.Latibulus argiolus, Ichneumonidae). Lats one put it`s eggs inside other insects. Butterflys (e.g. Inachis spec.).

We planted to day as crown; Lavandula angustifolia, Rosmarin (Rosmarinus officinalis) and Koriander (Coriandrum sativum). This kind of herbs will be using for tea and cockies.

At the both narrow sides of the natural stone wall we constructed lengthening of poor stones for reptiles and small mamalias (e.g. Anguis fragilis).

The vine growing and also the wild herbs wich we removed because of it`s concurence of water and light.

Last week we only had buds at our vine plants.

Today it had blossoms.

We let space for wild herbs to save bio diversity.

The wild herbs especially the Giersch (Aegopodium podagraria) is a wonderful larder for insect particularly for the honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Our heros of gardening at the last months.

We are glad and in exciting anticipation of our journey to Maribor (Slovenia) in the following week!!!!!

We wish all of you and us after all an amazing summer holidays!

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Dienstag, 5. Juni 2018
Weatherdata May 2018 Hamburg
Now the new weather report from Hamburg about may 2018.
the highest temperature in this may was 32 degree. In the last yeears e.g. last 20 years was the highest temperature 27 degrees. That are different about 5 degrees. It`s one more example of the extremly differents weatherphenoms in pasted years.
We can see how different the middle of data scale lies before 10 years near by 20 degrees. I the passt 10 years it was climbing average nearly two degree, so was the middle by 22 degree and than by 24 degree in the past years.

The coldest tempeartures 20 years ago around four degrees. Last year, a very weet year, we had at the beginning of the month temperature by and under zero degree. The other years only trough the months around 4 degree.

The middle of temperatures was around 8 degrees but the often under that line. Only in 2017 it was colder. But the tendency going up.

The hail was also a phenomenon. This may in 2018 wass very dry. We had only four days with high grad of rain.
In this year 2017 we had 13 days with hail. But it had not so high grad like this year 2018.
In the year 2007 we had 16 days of hail.
In 1997 and the years up to 2016 had more days with hail. Last year the hail lying in highest numbers around 14 Millimeter per squaremeters. Last year was one day with 32 mm. But the other days lying between 1 and 9 Millimeters. This year at the fiew days of hail there was only a maximum of 2 Millimeter per squaremeter.
We have a tendency to more dry years.
Lasst year we can`t planted our pumkinschoots before June because the nights had temperatures by night under 10 degrees. This year it was possible to planted in May. We where only late because of the examinations of our students.

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Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018
Our pond a well of life in Hamburg 31.5.2018
Four years ago we started with the construction of our orchard and our beekeeping. We saw that bees need water, like all kind of life! We dig with students a well. It was wide but not deep enough for ground water. This summer was hot and the well felled dry.
A year later we can dig the well deep enough for the ground water. Since this time we have allways a little of water inside and enough for the life. In the last three years the life at the well had a detonate growing.

Our new well 2014
You can see that at the shores around the well the life don`t started.
By this time a lot of poeple used the well as litter box.

Our well now in spring. The whole years it was full of water. You saw that the frogs let there it`s eggs.
the shores are green but you cant`see the water plants because it`s leafs are at this time not outside the water.

Now after four weeks with temperature between 24 and 33 degrees with a drop of rain. you can see the litter and the plant and also the animals. The pollywogs get the first legs at the rearbody and the prick go shorter.

the actually water level is generated from ground water.

You can see also a water earphone.

I`ve you look right at the leaf in the middle, you can see a dragonfly (Zarte Rubinjungfer – Ceriagrion tenellum)

One highlight in time we cleaning up the well, was that nice following animal. Years ago it was brought from ducks. Now it having it`s own family. The piscicola geometra.

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Potato field in Hamburg 31.5.2018
We are late but full of hope and power!
We started last week to cut the wildflowers on our potato field.

Today we leafed a parts of the hay and dig the field.

After all we plant schooted potatos.

Normally it´s need water, but we don`t have no water spring at our Orchard. We bring the water in bottles there. Our water we used for the pumkin seedings and the vine.
We hope that the weatherreport will be right and we get rain.
Inside the soil lines are the potatos.

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Summerwork on Orchard in Hamburg 30.5.2018
Yesterday we heard that this may is the warmest since 1889. The weather ist silly. In Hamburg we have 32 to 34 degrees, In Nordrhein-Westfalen the roads under water our closed with torrent.
Aftewr the fished exams we had tim e to work hard on our Orchard and we have a lot to do.

In a second wave we sowing the pumkin seeds.

This week the schoots where high enough. When the seed stems lie on the edge of the pot, they become rotten and the seedling dies.

For this reason we have stretched elastic bands around sticks.

Last week it`s was to small for the garden and the gardenbed was not already.

Our students work hard to get a bed free from goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria).

Today we planted the pumkinschoots in the gardenbed after cleaning was finished.

They superimpose the schoots in the bed.

A ring of soil save the freshwater for the schoots.

Also the stonewall growed and had nearly finished last week.

This week the temperature higher than last week, but the students worked hard to day.

They set the wall apart for planting south european herbs.

The wall was filled up to the highest level with cleaned soil.

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Dienstag, 22. Mai 2018
Students presentation of our youth exchange
Last afternoon our students of the Start-Up GaLa had a presentation about our youth exchange between Maribor and Hamburg. They discribe our work and the differents between our schools and our kind of works.

This presentation is for the next Generation of Start-Up students in school year nine with the begining after the summer holiday 2018.

In the auditorium sitting Students, Teacher and parents.

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The stone wall Part 2
The stone wall is an old history biotope build from big and small stones founded in the fields from north germany. The farmer build the walls because the stones where at first litter. After hundreds of years and decades it was used as borders between the fields from different farmers or it`s brothers. Than as a green wall in front of they houses.
Actually it`s a very important biotope in case there are not use of pestizids.
There life reptiles, insects like ants, bees, bugs, spiders inside. Also in case of that it`s a food place for birds and other animals. And at last the height make it as place for watching at food for birds.
We will plant there mediterran spice plants because the small climates of the make it possible. It`s warm and there is no waterlogging.

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Spring work at orchard in Hamburg May 2018
It`s been the last two weeks really sunny. We had over 20 degree per day and less clouds.
The examination weeks found end. Today we gone at our orchard. Our pumkin shoots must be inside our house because we had nights under 10 degree (see the weatherreport).
The wild green grow fast. Water in ground and a lot of sun and the nature explode.

All our work we found under the new green.
Our work today was, to free the pumkin field and the vine and also let the natural stone wall grow.
The students are very powerful and full of happiness.

Now the pumkin field is free so that we can plant the shoots on next thurdays if the new grow fast.
In the other way the students get more feeling to build a natural stone wall.
All stones had it`s own history. Our stones are here in case of the last iceage. It´s rolling with the glacier from the north down to us took further to the south. Than the the world gone warmer, the glacier melted and borned the river Elbe trought the melting water. The stone rolling down with the river or get free from melted glacier in our sandy upland both side the river Elbe.

The farmer of the north of germany find/found the stones at there fields. Where it to be left, there don`t grow arable crops and the agriculture device got broken.
In this way the farmer bring the stones outside and beside there agriculture fields.
Over hundred of years this kind of natural stone walls was build all over north germany between the east and the west coast. Now it`s build a very importend part of north germany agriculture history and is very important to save rare Flowers, insects and animals. In the last three decades it was forbidden to bring out pestizids against wild flowers at the edge of the field.

We build the wall at the ground with the biggest stones as foundation. The upper stones are smaller but they have to lie alone one the foundation stones. We don`t use any concrete or other devices. We lie the stones so narrow as possible and there don`t will be big slots with space for soil. In this case its secure the upper flower patch from wild flowers.

After the first stacks we fill the soil in to stabilized the wall.

We had finished today e.g.60% of the stone wall. It will be finished if it get a height from 1,20 meters.
After all we hope that we can plant mediterran flowers like Thymiane, salvia and Rosmarinus officinalis.
All this plants we will use for tea and spice for our potato chips.
Also will life between the stones small insects, spiders, bees. The stones get warm from sun and in this case it`s interesting for reptiles. For birds and other animals it is like a restaurant.
Our last building site today was clean up the vineyard from wild flowers. You see it works.

Our new plants of vine started slowly but it life. The plants from last year started faster.

the free plant have now space to grow and no compittor around water, light and minerals in ground.

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Weatherreport April 2018 Hamburg
The april is a month where the weather is going up and down. We had some days with heavy rainfall and some days with highest temperatures up to 27 degree. By the 20.4. we had the highest temperature and it following down by night to 15 degrees. This switching make it unpossible to plant out the pumpkin spoots.

highest temperatures April 2018

the lowest temperatures 2018

hail in April 2018

If we take a look at the haildays we see, that last year was very wet with maximum days 20 with hail. Also this days had a large amount of water. This year and last year had days with 13 mm Rainfall. The last decades had maxium by 10 mm per day.

highest temperatures in 2017

If we look at the highest temperature trough the last decades we can see that the temperature rise from year to year. The highest temperature this year in april was 27 degree. In 2017 only 19 but it wa sa rany month. In 2007 we had 18 degree as hih as possible. In 1997 we had only 16 degree as the highest temperature.

lowest temperature 2017

The lowest night temperatures are waving between -,2 and zero degrees in the decades. the same effect we can see by the highest temperature in the wave of lowest temperatures. They wave over the decades between 7,9 degree and 12 degree.In small step get the count of peaks in the waves up. from 7 in 1997 to 10 and 9 in 2017/18. The peaks by the highest temperature gone more less. Whereas in 1997 10 days with rising temperatures are in 2017/18 less like 9 and 8 peaks.
The current trend is, that the different between the lowest temperatures per days at month raised. If we get the highest low temperature in 2018 and the highest day temperature at the same year, we see 14,7 degree different. In 1996 that are only 5,8 degree.

hail April 2017

highest temperatures April 2007

lowest temperatures April 2007

hail April 2007

highest temperatures April 1997

lowest temperatures April 1997

hail April 1997

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Montag, 21. Mai 2018
Dictionary - Beekeeping
Why the World Bee Day?

Why Slovenia - Celebrate World Bee Day?

What do people around the world know about Slovenia(n) Bees?

Students are learning about the importance of the bees in several subjects: Environmental vocational subjects, Beekeeping and English.

beekeeping_dictionary (pdf, 203 KB)

There is a lot of material on internet to learn about the bees and beekeeping in the classroom. However, it is definitely better outside with the hands on learnig at our school beehive

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